AZIOT is an internet of things from A to Z. AZIOT is a smart platform created to ensure balanced operation of millions of automation devices for apartments, houses, buildings, constructions, cars and other moving objects and other digital devices designed to improve the quality of life and approximate the future.

In order to implement the AZIOT project our team used Unity Base (UB) platform developed within Intecracy Group. UnityBase is a high-tech framework that allows corporate clients create software products and applications using minimal programming skills (or without it) and significantly optimizes time for development.
AZIOT HOME solution is a software and hardware complex that is implemented in your house with the help of simple AZIOT HOME application and a set of corresponding sensors. With their help, you can control key parameters of the room online (temperature, humidity), monitor security in the house (water leakage, front door opening), analyse, calculate and anticipate the use of utility services.

A highly qualified and creative team of specialists works on the creation and further support of the product. The aim of AZIOT HOME is to provide a simple and convenient way of interaction with modern technologies that ensure comfort, economy and reliability of your home.
The company DATA MANAGEMENT IG is engaged in the development and implementation of innovative projects and solutions in the field of IoT technologies. The company is part of Intecracy Group, an international consortium that creates high-tech solutions and products, as well as provides services in the field of information technology.