AZIOT with presentation on Upgrade Real Estate

Upgrade Real Estate Part 5 event «Referral networks.

How to double the sale of primary real estate» featuring AZIOT was successfully held on April 12, 2018

DATA MANAGEMENT IG Company introduced AZIOT smart platform and was one of the organisers of this event.

From the beginning of this meeting, while property developers were checking in the DATA MANAGEMENT IG representatives had already installed a stand for demonstration of the AZIOT smart house system. After panel discussion, the DATA MANAGEMENT IG Director Reznik Vladimir Vladimirovich made an informative presentation of the AZIOT smart platform. In his presentation Vladimir Vladimirovich provided the main information, the property developers were interested in, namely: options of the introduction of the AZIOT smart platform to construction (from the beginning of the construction and till commission of the object) and advantages of construction using AZIOT smart solution.

In case you've missed Upgrade Real Еstate but it is important for you to develop your

construction business and keep it up to date and if you'd like to study and introduce smart solutions then come to see us at Novokonstantinovskaya St. 15/15 so that we can demonstrate you our stand and tell you in detail about AZIOT smart house system.