We start the development of the ALIS product on the AZIOT platform

Our team starts working on ALIS - Aziot Lock In System project. It is an automated system for door release that is developed using IoT technologies on the base of our AZIOT platform.

To create a smart system for door control we need to integrate a fingerprint scanning app into technical equipment of the door. Also, we plan to significantly simplify all hardware and build a small and convenient hub. Our solution is easily integrated with other IoT solutions.

ALIS options:

— You can easily block and release all doors remotely by putting four fingers in front of the camera of your mobile device;
— You can control several doors at the same time (home, office, summer house etc.), by using a map in your app;
— No Wi-Fi connection needed,  3G connection will be enough to use our product.

This system can be used on large enterprises (hospitals, warehouses, stores, factories). The system will provide access for certain people to certain doors.

Use the app to ensure access to your office. This solution will protect you from strangers in your company, who can get a pass from one of your employees and then use it to enter freely your premise.

ALIS project gives you confidence and protection in everyday life.