While you are on vacation Aziot will worry about the safety of your home!

 We really love the warm months in the calendar, we are attracted even by the thought of vacation. However, we are afraid to leave our home or apartment on vacation while traveling to another country or to another continent. And it's just not convenient for you to ask your friend to look after your house so often, because you like to rest often.


We will tell you that you can get useful and safe with the AZIOT smart home system :

• The most important in this case is safety, so the water shut-off sensors will protect your apartment and your new repair from flooding, automatically shutting off the water.

• If you forgot to turn off any of the appliances left in the apartment, you will not have to worry and go home to turn it off. Just you need to go into the application on your smartphone and cut off electricity.

• The motion sensor and noise sensor of AZIOT smart home system , will notify you about the presence of someone in your apartment when you are on vacation.

• As for comfort, AZIOT provides and installs a module of control air conditioner into your home, which you can manage the climate from anywhere in the world. You can set a suitable temperature for you in the room, before arriving home with a vacation for a couple of hours.


You have the opportunity to call +38 044 323 00 80, for more detailed information about the capabilities of the AZIOT smart home system . We will be happy!